Saturday, May 10, 2008

Someone is about to be schooled!

I learned late last evening that a good friend of mine was arrested after police responded to an Old Country Buffet where he was attending a dinner of area gun owners. Everyone with firearms openly displayed was taken outside, where the police demanded ID of everyone and illegally ran the serial numbers of the firearms.

This friend offered verbal identification, but refused producing "papers", since he was not participating in a 'privileged' activity and not legally bound to do so. He was arrested for "failure to identify himself" and disorderly conduct. He was released at the scene later that evening before being transported or booked (because they had nothing that would hold water and they KNEW it).

They also would not return one of his firearms, since it was not in the "illegal database that's not a registry". This friend is a FFL, which means the officers involved committed a theft from a FFL, which is a Federal crime. I'm certain there will be further legal action against the agencies involved, and I will post new details as they develop.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding paranoia about guns - I have had exactly the opposite experience. When I surveyed the cities in which I was contemplating opening a gun store, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the cities near my business neighborhood were very supportive. In fact I found Sandy City, in Utah, to be particularly cooperative, helpful, and they provided unbelievably good advice on security, as well. As a result, we built a very safe, compliant gun store in the community (the only retail gun storefront in Sandy). The store has turned out great, and the customers are very satisfied. Sometimes if approached in a courteous manner, and expecting the best from the police, you will get exactly that - great police support. Just an alternative view I wanted to share. I believe police use guns as an important tool, and that they don't necessarily wish to deprive their citizens of use of the lawful use of that same tool. Brad, from