Monday, May 26, 2008

What's really going on here?

Based on the most recent article in the Scranton Times-Tribune, it seems Chief Stadnitski is attempting to have local business owners do what state law prohibits him from doing, namely, restricting legally carried firearms.
Chief Stadnitski said the police wanted that list so they know where in the borough they should respond should someone be openly carrying a gun. Otherwise, unless another law is broken, police will not respond to a report of a person carrying a gun in those businesses.
To me, this says that if you're not on the "We hate guns" list with the local PD, they won't bother to respond even if there's a legitimate crime being committed with a firearm. Someone's pointing a gun at the cashier?.....Sorry, they don't prohibit openly displayed guns in their business.

Further, because signs carry no legal weight in PA, the police still do not have legal grounds to intervene if someone is openly carrying a firearm in a business that has a sign posted. Unless they have been verbally asked to leave, and have refused, they have not committed any crime by simply ignoring the sign.

In an attempt to learn more on the Chief's actions and intentions, I've filed a Right To Know request with the Chief, and have copied both the Mayor and Borough Council President. Stay tuned for updates as they develop.

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