Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Denials & Backpedaling

Apparently some of the Dickson City area media were interested in the Right To Know request I sent. The topic came up on local talk radio today where the Chief backpedaled his previous statements suggesting different responses to a call depending if the business was on the "I Hate Guns" list or not. He also attempted to sidestep my RTK request with the following reply:
There is no written documentation directing local business establishments comply with any type of request for prohibiting open or concealed gun carry on their property, an officer is contacting the business directly and asking if they currently have a policy either written or orally from management on firearms. Since the query is not complete a formal list of the responses has not been yet compiled. This information was passed on to the Scranton Times reporter but he wrote the article anyway. When the list is complete I would be more than happy to provide you with a copy. Chief Stadnitski
It's embarrassing to have to hold the hand of a public official, but at this point, I'm convinced that it's not an act...he's really this incompetent. I responded with the following clarification:
Chief Stadnitski,

Thank you for your prompt response. I look forward to your formal reply to this Right to Know Law request and the production of all your current records in this matter, including emails and personal notes. If you wish to wait until closer to the end of the 10 day period permitted under the law (so you can be as complete as possible) I understand, but at that time, any and all related documents are required to be produced, irregardless of whether your query is complete or how "formal" it's status is. This means that even if your officers are compiling a list on a notepad as they call or visit these businesses, that document is covered and legally obtainable under PA's Right To Know Law. It is not exempt simply because it is not on Department letterhead.
We'll see if this helps him get the point.

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