Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Road Trip

After much internal debate, I took of work and headed off to Luzerne County to attend Dickson City's monthly meeting. About 30 of us showed up (many of us open carrying our firearms) to address city council.

We had originally planned to meet at the Old County Buffet where the incident occured last Friday, but they have since posted the establishment "No Firearms", so we moved to nearby Charlie Brown's Steakhouse. The manager, Tony Fenn welcomed us.

After routine business, which included statements from Counsel President, Barbara Mecca; and, Mayor, Anthony Zaleski endorsing and supporting the actions of the police, the floor was opened for public comment.

While two opposing views were clearly present, all parties were given an opportunity to speak. Considering the controversial subject matter, it's my opinion that things went very well. The police did not attempt to ID any carriers or seize their firearms to check for this phantom "registration".

After the meeting, we wanted to go somewhere to discuss the evening's happenings with Rich (who was not present at the meeting on the advice of his counsel). Since we knew Charlie Brown's didn't have an issue with our presence, we returned their and took advantage of their hospitality and excellent food again. Our post-meeting pow-wow was topped off by some delicious cake, which Mr. Fenn was kind enough to provide us at no charge.

Oh last thing.....My wife is right, and I'm ready to admit it: I'm an "activist".

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