Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More details on the Commissioners' smackdown

After speaking to my own Representative, I went ahead and e-mailed all of the Representatives for Franklin County. Rep. Rob Kauffman actually called me back to further discuss my ordeal and recent thoughts and told me he would get back with me when the 'official' response to the Commissioners was ready. Today, I received the following e-mail (bold added by me):
Dear Greg,

Thanks for your e-mail. As a follow-up to our telephone conversation a couple of weeks ago, Reps. Keller, Moul, Rock and I are sending a letter to the Franklin County Commissioners. The letter outlines the current PA statutes that could be used to prosecute coercive or inappropriate behavior at polling places. We also note that their letter stems from one particular incident in Franklin County at a recent election, in which their were no arrests for any offense under either the Crimes Code or Election Code.

Finally, and most importantly, we state that "We have concerns about limiting the exercise of one important constitutional right during the exercise of another. Given the extensive nature of current Commonwealth law regarding inappropriate behavior in any location, as well as additional laws which apply specifically to coercive activity at polling places, we believe the legislature has provided significant resources to address any concerns about intimidation at the polls."

Thanks for your continued advocacy on this issue.

Best regards,

Rob Kauffman
State Representative
89th Legislative District
I appreciate the clear and firm position they have stated on my behalf.

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.45chel said...

Holy Cow!!!

You get phone calls from politicians who want to discuss your problems??

I received a form letter once. And I've gotten a few emails and postcards when the want me to contribute to their 'cause.'

You sound like a powerful friend to have...wanna be my friend? 0:-D

When we going to the range?