Friday, June 27, 2008

Today's "Activism Watchlist"

Here are a couple of links to some 'incidents' I'm currently working on. These blatant violations need to be taken to task - and with the growing assistance of more and more PAFOA members, they will be.

NJ man has his firearm confiscated while taking a walk in Wilkes-Barre - A bit of good news on this story today. Rich Banks (a good friend of mine and founder of accompanied this gentleman to the Wilkes-Barre PD where the owner was able to retrieve his firearm. He did not provide proof of ownership to do so, which was the original demand of the department, despite the fact that there is no legal burden to do so. Legal action by the citizen is still pending in this matter.

Carrier illegally detained and falsely charged in Pittsburgh - This incident occurred at 3 am this morning. It is the third time this individual has been hassled by local LEOs, and despite previous follow-ups and attempts to make the law clear to those involved, they refuse to accept it. At the center of the issue is an illegal City of Pittsburg ordinance:
No person shall carry in any vehicle or concealed or unconcealed on or about his person except when on his or her land or in his or her own abode or fixed place of business any firearm; provided that this section shall not apply to:
(a) Those persons specifically exempted under 18 P.S. Sec. 6106(b)(1-10); or
(b) Any person issued a valid license to the Pennsylvania Uniform Firearms Act when carrying the type of weapon for which such license was issued.
(Ord. 11-1980, eff. 7-25-80; Am. Ord. 30-1993, eff. 12-9-93)
Pa.'s Preemption Statute clearly makes this ordinance null and unenforceable:
§6120. Limitation on the Regulation of Firearms and Ammunition.

(a) General rule. No county, municipality or township may in any manner regulate the lawful ownership, possession, transfer or transportation of firearms, ammunition or ammuni­tion components when carried or transported for purposes not prohibited by the laws of this commonwealth.


Anonymous said...

Sue 'em all. Sue 'em in Federal Court for their abridgement of Human Civil Rights! Ask for a million.

And a half.

Monty said...

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