Thursday, June 26, 2008

A misguided attempt at defending his actions
Cash in ambiguity

Editor: The Second Amendment contains only one sentence of 27 words but is one of the most ambiguous amendments. The lawsuit about the May 9 incident with Dickson City police over the right to bear arms seems like a way to cash in on this ambiguity.

The officers were faced with serious uncertainty and are to be commended for their prudence, good judgment and professionalism in trying to defuse a potentially serious situation.

Let’s hope the court rules with common sense so that the taxpayers of Dickson City are not hit in the pocketbook.



Note the name of the writer and compare it to the list of defendants in the first lawsuit. Can you say "desperate attempt to justify overreactions"? Come on - "serious uncertainty"?! Sounds like an admission of incompetence to me. It's also an interesting angle since the first lawsuit makes no mention of the 2nd Amendment whatsoever.

Mr. Mariano, if you're reading this: This is NOT a gun issue. You need to understand this to avoid repeating such blatant violations again, assuming you'll have the chance to continue your career in law enforcement.

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Anonymous said...

If it was so ambiguous, what the heck was he doing cuffing people and stealing their guns? Further- wouldn't a videotape make this clearer? Um....

Idiot. He's demonstrating that he shouldn't be entrusted with the peoples security or an badge.