Sunday, June 22, 2008

Light posting

Haven't had a whole lot to post about, but there are a couple of things going on 'behind the scenes'.
  1. While attempting to rent a pavilion in Hazle Township, I encountered a park rule that violates PA's preemption statute. I e-mailed my concern to the people I was dealing with about the rental, and they have forwarded my concern to the Township Solicitor at my request. More details as the emerge.
  2. I'll be visiting the Dickson City/Wilkes-Barre area in person over the 4th of July weekend. We'll see if the law enforcement in these communities have changed their attitude (or at least their response) toward open carry in light of recent events. If I haven't posted anything by Monday, check the local police logs!


Mike Stollenwerk said...

These preemption violations thru signage across PA need to be aggressively rooted out by declaring them "illegal signs." Take action in your local community by emailing hte out of control bureacrats, and copyin gth eelected officials and press.

Anonymous said...

GeorgiaCarry.Org has been very successful here in Georgia forcing local governments to remove these park bans. You can see how they do it here ....

Don't look to the NRA to help, they will refuse. You need to do it yourself.

Any Georgia residents reading this, please consider joining GeorgiaCarry.Org. This summer/fall the Georgia Senate is holding hearings on our restrictive gun laws. GCO needs members to attend the sessions. We need to put alot of pressure on our elected representatives, most of whom are quite anti-gun, despite what their campaign promises are.