Saturday, December 6, 2008 gets a facelift

We are pleased to announce the roll-out of a new design for Pa Open Carry as well as to publicly introduce our new forum. The forums at are not intended to be a substitute for any other existing forum.

We recognize the wide appeal of as a national resource for the open carry movement as well as the comprehensive collection of information made available by the Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association, on just about any topic even slightly connected to firearms. We hope that we can fill a smaller niche that both of these other forums address on a broader scale.

Our goal with this new forum is to more directly focus on encouraging 'activism' as issues related to OC in Pennsylvania become known. We certainly do not intend to exclude other issues that need addressed simply because OC was not involved, but recognize that many such issues are avoided simply because the presence of a firearm is never discovered.

Please stop by PA Open Carry and take a look around. While you're there, be sure to sign up on our forum and tell us what you think of the new design.

Rich Banks & Greg Rotz


BulletBlocker said...

As commercial as this comment may seem, my motive is really to hear from my fellow right to carry proponents about their sense of security in the work place and schools. I am one of the developers of a product line that has been geared toward student safety. We have recently added more products that are focused on teacher safety and classroom preparedness and survival.
We are a for profit company but we are turning to the educational community for input to help us save lives with our products.
Please offer input as you see fit. My name is Bill Barbin and I am the operations director, one of 3 retired deputy sheriffs, that started our business that makes bulletproof products for real people in the real world. Our product line can be reviewed at and we maintain a blog through that site that you all may find informative, even if only through our RSS feeds that even shock us with the volume of incidents that are occurring out in the educational community.
Your input would be greatly appreciated.

doug said...

Looks great! Good work, Guys!