Thursday, July 31, 2008

YOU can help someone in need. Will you?

From Pat Gray:

Ramos/Compean fundraiser

The families of these border agents/political prisoners are struggling. Homes are in jeopardy, lives torn apart. So, we’re raising money for Monica Ramos and Patty Compean.

We’re asking that instead of one check, split your donation between the two: Make them out separately to Monica Ramos…AND…Patty Compean…and mail to:

Edd Henndee
Taste of Texas
10505 Katy Freeway
Houston, Texas 77024

Thank you SO much for whatever you can do for these families of patriots, who’ve been through so much. Whatever you can do will be greatly appreciated by the families. The Compean’s of course, have already lost their home…now the Ramos’s face the same thing.
It was amazing to hear former border agent, Gary Brugman’s tale of the 5th Circuit Court today (check it out on the podcast if you missed it…at 7:35 or so). I’ve known Gary for over a year now, and wasn’t aware of his situation until yesterday. He went through the same thing with those judges.

Judge who overturned my LTCF revocation seems bitter about his decision

On Wednesday, my local newspaper put their local spin on the current statewide topic of Constables, and whether or not they receive adequate training and operate within the scope of their authority. Of course, such an article just couldn't be written without a re-hash of what happened last November.

He said he has heard of very few problems over the years with the work local constables do. Perhaps the highest-profile case was when a man showed up to vote last year with a holstered gun, and a constable asked him to leave the gun in his vehicle.

The man refused and was allowed to keep the gun in its holster while he voted, but Walker said a poll worker later complained to Franklin County Sheriff Robert Wollyung, who revoked the man's permit to carry the gun.

The man appealed Wollyung's decision, and Walker sided with him.

"He didn't violate a law and I wasn't going to let (his supporters) make a martyr of him," Walker said this week.

He said he asked legislators to write a law governing firearms at polling places but basically "got a (expletive) answer."

"Most lawmakers don't want to rile up the NRA," he said.
On the day of my hearing, he didn't seem the least bit reluctant to rule that way that he did, though he did take the opportunity to express his personal displeasure. It seems the uncompromising stance taken by my state representatives has upset him. I guess he (and the County Commissioners) expected their titles to carry enough weight to push their agenda through, state Constitution be damned. I'm sure their quite frustrated that the 'little guy' not only prevailed in court, but maintains the ability to exercise his liberty as he sees fit.

I wonder if Judge Walker would have ruled differently if he knew then what he knows now? Seeing as he's retiring before the end of the year, I suppose he won't be the one to hear my appeal if I'm revoked for open carry while voting again this year. Of course, given the conversations I've had with the new Sheriff, I don't expect that will be an issue.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I am a domestic terrorist.

I've actually just learned this. Good thing my tax dollars are being used wisely, or else I never would have known. I won't do them the courtesy of linking, but this assessment of my character has been provided by my own state government via the Terrorism Awareness and Protection program, which is a state funded effort. Thanks Harrisburg!!

Here are some of the reasons I qualify:
  • I am part of a 'single issue group'
  • I believe that gun control is the first step to enslave us, starting with the removal of our ability to either defend ourselves or forcefully change our government
  • I believe that U.S. sovereignty is being surrendered to the U.N., World Court, and World Bank
  • I believe that our current government has, and continues to subvert the Constitution
  • I admire the Gadsden Flag
A tip of the hat to Target Rich Environment, who has a more details about this ridiculousness on his blog.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Give Ledansky the boot

Snowflakes in Hell covers the important points quite well.

Hazle Township update

Since I never received a response to the e-mail I sent to Hazle Twp on June 20th regarding their park rule prohibiting the possession of firearms in the park, fellow PAFOA members Paul Schroeder and Rich Banks (more local to the area than I am) attended a recent Township Supervisors meeting to address the issue again.

The response was typical - We support the 2nd Amendment, but......

  • Supervisor Anthony Matz said he is not opposed to a citizen's right to bear arms, but feels it is neither necessary nor appropriate for anyone to carry a firearm in the community park.
  • Board Chairman William Gallagher said that all three supervisors were gun owners and that no member of the board is opposed to gun ownership, but the board also expressed confidence in the appropriateness of the firearm prohibition at the park.
  • Supervisor Matz said he would not be comfortable being at the park with people carrying firearms.
In the end, Solicitor Charles Pedri said the township will review the ordinance at Schroeder's request and will provide more information at August's meeting.

This story was also covered by WYLN, channel 35 in Hazleton and in print by both the Standard Speaker in Hazleton and the Times Leader in Wilkes-Barre.

We'll see what next month's meeting brings.

UPDATE: Apparently the Standard Speaker published an editorial on this issue, but it's not published online anywhere. Here is the text, posted on PAFOA by a local resident.

Two months ago, diners in a Dickson City restaurant were taken aback when a half-dozen customers showed up carrying guns.

Monday night, two pistol-packing men showed up at a Hazle Township supervisors meeting.

In both cases, the gun-carriers were members of the Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Association.

Paul Schroeder, who took the floor to address the township supervisors Monday, said he was in Hazle Township to protest a firearms ban at a Community Park. "We are not trying to do the wild west thing," he said. "We are just looking to protect our families."

The discussion between Schroeder and the township supervisors-who tried to explain the park policy - remained civil, but some residents in the audience were clearly uneasy.

And who can blame them ? They, and several concerned citizens who called township officials Tuesday, found the idea of gun-toting parkgoers unsettling.

Yes, it is legal to openly carry firearms in Pennsylvania without a license, but even the Firearms Owners Association cautions against pushing that right to extremes.

"There is much debate among firearm owners about whether openly carrying firearms is really a good idea," the group says on its Web site. "While we will leave that choice to the individual we will state that in many urban areas- doing so will draw unwanted attention from law enforcement."

That's exactly what happened in Dickson City, where police asked gun-toting diners for identification. Richard Banks of Fairview Township, refused to provide a driver's license and was detained. Members of the group have sued the borough for compensatory damages and to force the town's police to get training.

In Hazle Township, the supervisors have asked solicitor Charles Pedri to investigate where and when municipalities can legally ban firearms.

Sensible people, even those with NRA membership - should view attention-seeking demonstrations like those in Dickson City and Hazle Township as extreme and even counter-productive. Rather than persuading gun control advocates to their cause, stunts like these are more likely to scare people over to the other side.

If citizens want to scrutinize Community Park regulations, why stop at the gun ban? Why not protest more onerous restrictions, like the park's ban on dogs? If pet lovers follow the firearms owner's example, the next meeting of the townships supervisors might be invaded by 101 Dalmations.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A new venture

I've recently begun a new venture. A couple of members from PAFOA have created 'Poofa radio' - an online station that streams music and plans to add firearm-related content to the rotation. To that end, we've started to produce (and I use that term VERY loosely) weekly Activism Updates detailing ongoing events around PA. Stop by Poofa and give them a listen. The weekly updates are also available right here on my blog, through an embedded player or you can subscribe to the show via several different options.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dickson City update

No surprises here. The defendants have filed for an extension. Standard legal stuff, and it's not being opposed by plaintiff's counsel. Check back after August 4. Defendants are being represented by Louis J. Isaacsohn.

New documents:
Motion to extend
Order for extension

Older documents:
Complaint (4 Plaintiffs)
Complaint (5th Plaintiff - filed seperately)

Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm on my way to Blackwater!

Thank you to everyone who voted for my blog in the ParaUSA blogger contest. I've received an e-mail notifying me that I am one of the winners. I'm sure there will be stories and photos to come while I'm there. The training weekend will take place on Aug 22-24.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Stadnitski's Fantasy

Apparently the Dickson City Police Chief has a fantasy of living in a gun-free community, even going to the extent of using department resources to encourage and document "No firearms" policies around down. On July 4th, Rich Banks (founder of and I decided to call his bluff and spent the better part of the day in Dickson City, openly carrying our firearms all the while. Here's how things shook out:
  • We visited 101 businesses that were not on the list as provided by Chief Stadnitski. We found 0 signs prohibiting firearms.
  • We visited 19 businesses that were on the list as provided by Chief Stadnitski. We found 0 signs prohibiting firearms.
  • During the course of the day, we entered 7 Dickson City businesses (included in the above mentioned stats). Five of them were not on the list, two were, including the Viewmont Diner, where we had a delicious lunch and friendly, excellent service. We did not receive any negative comments at all, and were not asked to cover our firearms or to leave any establishment that we entered.
  • As previously reported, Denny's does have a sign posted. As of this report, the sign is still in place.
I intend to note all of this info in the next week when I make my next inquire with Chief Stadnitski as to the status of his little project.

List of Dickson City businesses we visited:
  • Sam's Club - A female customer asked Rich if he had a 'gun permit'. He replied that he did, but in PA one was not required for OC. She said that she carried a gun when she was at home (Georgia) and wondered if she could open carry here and if her GA permit was recognized. We answered both in the affirmative and gave her a pamphlet. She thanked us and we parted ways.
  • Best Buy - Stopped by to look for a serial to USB converter. Found one, but was too high-priced.
  • Viewmont Diner - Had some excellent gyros for lunch.
  • Sheetz - Stopped for gas and snacks
  • Petco - Stopped to get doggie drugs so Rich's dogs don't freak out over the fireworks. Asked for assistance to find them and had a few-minute conversation with a clerk about the various options.
  • Circuit City - Continued my search for a serial to USB converter. Didn't find any on the shelf, so I asked an employee. They didn't have any, which explained why we couldn't find them. Two other employees told us "Have a nice day" on the way out.
  • Wal-Mart - Picked up some little flags.

After we left Dickson city, we went to Wilkes-Barre, where we met up with mystery_man and walked about two miles around the downtown area, including passing by the police department twice. After the walk, as we stood on the corner chatting, an officer drove by. Rich said he almost broke his neck twisting it to see my pistol, but he did not stop, and there was no additional response (we were a block from the station). Also, on the way back home we made a quick stop and the Wilkes-Barre township K-mart.

All-in-all, just another totally uneventful OC day.