Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Trooper Shawn Schexnaildre

Remember that name. This man is unknowingly placing himself at the center of a terrible shitstorm. He has repeatedly made false statements to the press, in an attempt to color public opinion against John Noble. Don't know who John Noble is?


Man arrested for having gun at rally

By Bill Vidonic, Times Staff

BEAVER — An Industry man is facing a disorderly conduct charge for attending the Barack Obama rally in Irvine Park with a loaded gun that was holstered on his hip, according to state police and the Beaver County sheriff’s department.

John Noble, 50, was questioned by police for several hours Friday night after the incident, in which witnesses said he also was passing out fliers with writing about gun rights.

John Atkinson of Vanport Township said he saw Noble passing out the fliers and noticed the small-caliber handgun strapped to the man’s waist. He said he quickly notified nearby deputy sheriffs, and deputies Joseph O’Sche and Rich Yonlisky approached the man as he walked along Market Street.

Atkinson said that when the deputies asked why he had a gun, Noble replied, “Because I’m an American,” and one of the deputies responded, “Well, you’re under arrest.”

Noble was hustled to a nearby vehicle, and state police took him to the Brighton Township barracks to question him.

Beaver County Sheriff George David said that Noble insisted he had a right to have the gun because he has a permit to carry it. It wasn’t clear late Friday whether Noble had a valid permit.

David said Noble “wanted to show his rights.” He said Noble never removed the gun from the holster or threatened anyone.

Noble’s arrest took place around 7 p.m., nearly 90 minutes before Sen. Obama and the rest of his campaign team arrived in Beaver.

Bill Vidonic can be reached online at bvidonic@timesonline.com.
I'm proud to say I'm working with Mr. Noble and his legal team to stomp down these ridiculous charges and refute the malicious lies being spread by Trooper Schexnaildre.


Anthony said...

I have read about Mr. Noble, and I have written a blog about him over at my blog site. It has been getting a few hits. If there is anything else I can do to help out a fellow Pennsylvanian I will do it. Letter writing, spreading the word, anything, just let me know and I will do what I can. First it is gun owners like Mr. Noble, and then it will be gun owners like myself...and that is not happening.

Anonymous said...

Would Mr. Noble carry a gun while waiting to go through airport security? Come on, he knew he was teasing the whole idea ahead of time.

Anonymous said...

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