Friday, September 26, 2008

Organizations support soccer mom

While Meleanie Hain's revocation is only the third revocation we've been involved with, it has overwhelmingly been the most successful in terms of rapid fundraising. Tomorrow will be one week since she receive notice of her revocation, and we've all ready raised over $1300. Also notable is the facts that for the first time we've received donations from an out-of-state organization. We've also received a pledge of donation from JSHolsters, and they are planning to hold a Utah CCW class as an additional fundraiser, with the usual class fee going to Meleanie's legal fund.

Meleanie has already obtained counsel, filed the formal appeal, and had a hearing date set (October 14). Not only do I expect to see a successful outcome to this situation, but it appears it will be in record time as well.

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