Thursday, July 31, 2008

Judge who overturned my LTCF revocation seems bitter about his decision

On Wednesday, my local newspaper put their local spin on the current statewide topic of Constables, and whether or not they receive adequate training and operate within the scope of their authority. Of course, such an article just couldn't be written without a re-hash of what happened last November.

He said he has heard of very few problems over the years with the work local constables do. Perhaps the highest-profile case was when a man showed up to vote last year with a holstered gun, and a constable asked him to leave the gun in his vehicle.

The man refused and was allowed to keep the gun in its holster while he voted, but Walker said a poll worker later complained to Franklin County Sheriff Robert Wollyung, who revoked the man's permit to carry the gun.

The man appealed Wollyung's decision, and Walker sided with him.

"He didn't violate a law and I wasn't going to let (his supporters) make a martyr of him," Walker said this week.

He said he asked legislators to write a law governing firearms at polling places but basically "got a (expletive) answer."

"Most lawmakers don't want to rile up the NRA," he said.
On the day of my hearing, he didn't seem the least bit reluctant to rule that way that he did, though he did take the opportunity to express his personal displeasure. It seems the uncompromising stance taken by my state representatives has upset him. I guess he (and the County Commissioners) expected their titles to carry enough weight to push their agenda through, state Constitution be damned. I'm sure their quite frustrated that the 'little guy' not only prevailed in court, but maintains the ability to exercise his liberty as he sees fit.

I wonder if Judge Walker would have ruled differently if he knew then what he knows now? Seeing as he's retiring before the end of the year, I suppose he won't be the one to hear my appeal if I'm revoked for open carry while voting again this year. Of course, given the conversations I've had with the new Sheriff, I don't expect that will be an issue.

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